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The Workshop Project experience consolidate diverse organizational problems understanding and the best structured solutions.

Business Workshop

A planning, development and alignment focused method for Governance, Strategy and Management, identifying and anticipating problems, always pointing out the best possible solutions. A program for business value and performance recovery.

Knowledge Assets Management

A methodology for modeling and developing computational prototypes, built from mathematical algorithms, designed to solve highly complex business problems.

Using data science fundamentals, KAM determine the best mathematically possible solution for business decisions, providing the best solution for economic operation restriction, achieving the best result for higher productivity or lower cost.


Research groups on best business practices and market studies are increasingly common in the business environment and widely used in international context for better understanding of agents and the economy response to constant changes scenarios and problems that most affect companies today.

Marca NEO

Studies Group

Marca NET

Studies Group

Marca NEE

Studies Group

In order to build a theoretical and practical database on organizational and region development, UZD established universities and research groups partnerships linked to Brazilian National Research Agency, which enable mastering our performance and expertise subjects.

The company's history is associated with my own professional and academic trajectory. I started studies and worked in the Information Technology area, implementing computer system projects for small and medium industries in the State of Bahia, Brazil.

At that period, technology has become a necessary resource, often indispensable, to carry out some activities. Planning, understanding the difference between effort and result was important matters and, uncoordinated actions, no matter how intense they were, do not lead anywhere.

This perception was reinforced after the experience when one of those companies, with over 40 years of history as a market leader, simply went bankrupt when the second generation of the family owners took over the business. Indeed, this fact was the beginning of an important concern.

This work led me to more studies and activities in Business Administration, with a focus on Corporate Finance. Also in the Manufacturing segment, it was essential to understand operations that caused great losses and compromised results. So I held an expertise in Business Logistics, discussing possible solutions for routing and structuring channels.

Soon after, seeking professional development, i got a specialist certificate in Business Management, which contributed to the creation of a structured approach to problem solving, based on optimization and more assertive services.

On my path, i’ve found many medium and small enterprises with various difficulties. Some shutted down or were bought by other companies, others survived but with mediocre or unknown results, which reinforced the importance of the application of mathematics in management.

After a few years, an opportunity arose to work in corporate governance and executive projects Tax Governance for some of the major economic agents in Brazil. On this occasion, aligning my professional and academic interest, I obtained a degree in Master of Business Administration with a pioneering research on the development of the Tax Governance, Corporate Governance, Process and Tax Management, with emphasis on Shared Services and Information Technology.

In the ongoing search for knowledge, following a logic from micro to macro knowledge, I began studies in Marketing and Economics. Another degree followed, this time a PhD in Urban and Regional Development, linking studies on Shared Service Centers, Corporate Governance and Regional Economics, integrating this areas aiming to improve specialized and shared services.

Over time, it was possible to develop a professional profile facing Governance, Strategy, Management, People, Processes, Products and Markets, using good planning to achieve the best possible results.

The Workshop Project completed 10 years with numerous cases of success and strong performance recovering family businesses, bringing together a team of professionals, students, teachers, colleagues, and partners with distinct and complementary experience and expertise. This endeavour consolidated a largest and most complete structure, that, with the current partners, consolidated UZD brand.

Hélder Uzêda Castro, PhD


Maintain a high performance team and lead our clients towards business success and perpetuation, promoting regional development.


Become an worldwide major company, recognized for its commitment to our customers results.


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